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Have Your Horses Go HayWeyer!
Simulated Grazing Slow Feed Hay Systems.
 If your horse does not have adequate year around pasture why not simulate grazing for them with our many affordable, durable, interchangeable options to choose from.

Feeding the same amount while
Slowing the consumption rate means your horse will be happier, healthier, busier
and less stressed between meals


The Benefits:
* Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.
    * Can Reduce stomach acids and anxiety.
    * Can Reduce stall walking and weaving, cribbing, boredom and bad habits 
    * Saves Hay and Money.
    * Easy and Quick System
    * Reduces "Horseplay" injuries and wear and tear on
    * All our Products are Made in the USA. 
HayWeyer Buckets or DIY Bucket Kits -Available Soon

Horses can “Graze” Slow and Low as Nature intended

All Hay and the little nibblets within the hay stay in the bucket and are consumed WITHOUT exposure and ingestion of shavings, manure, urine, dirt, sand or whatever surfaces their meals are usually served on

Our workmanship, materials & nets are of superior quality & durability. They stand up for easy loading, stand up to the horses & weather elements too with non-clip hardware that keeps net securely in bucket.

Constant nibbling keeps digestive flow going, which can help reduce ulcers,colic & weight issues

Portable to stalls, dry lots, paddocks, pastures & during travel

Almost NO Hay Waste, Can cut your hay bills down

Feeding times lasts MUCH longer * Easy to load, minimal labor

Allows “Grazing” when pastures are unavailable *  Encourages Movement 

 More chewing= More saliva, Teeth wear & possibly less frequent teeth floatings 

Can reduce boredom, anxiety, stress, cribbing and other bad habits

 Can help with insulin levels & nutrient absorption

 Holds  2-3 flakes      


(Shown on Display)  Pat. Pending

"Stall Bag Buddy"  Slow Hay Feeder 
    Mounts on any solid wall, holds the Slow Feed Hay Bag and opens on a hinge for Quick and Easy Filling, then just snap it closed and your done! 

Built safe with horses in mind, all rounded corners and solid steel make this unit strong and safe.
 Must be mounted higher on the wall if your horse has shoes so shoes never come in contact with the net

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Slow Feed Hay Bags-2 sizes
Our slow feed hay nets are made in the U.S.A. to hold up to heavy use,
Not the flimsy materials you usually get with other nets, especially the cheap ones

* Regular - Holds 2-3 Flakes of Hay   
Enough for a normal size

 * Bale Bag -
Holds  2 - String Square Bale.
 Approx. 13 x 18 x 36 inches. 
  Feed bags can be hung anywhere!
In the Stall, Trailer, Pasture, or Paddock.

    If your horse has front  shoes hang bags high enough they don't paw at bag and get a shoe caught in the netting.

We Recommend hanging bags from one point as shown, they can get caught in or tangled if improperly installed

"Bag Buddy"  Slow Feed Net Holder    
   Slow Feed Hay Bags are notoriously hard to fill with hay, causing many horse owners to go back to throwing the hay on the ground & give up using bags out of frustration.

The "Bag Buddy" solves this problem by holding the bag open for you. 
Quickly and Easy! 

The fastest and easiest way to use the Slow Feed Hay Bags.

Just hang the top of the bag from the little hooks on the "Bag Buddy" frame and fill with hay then remove  

*  The "Bag Buddy" will just slip over any 2" fence, stall wall or even
 the back of your golf cart bed!

onveniently move it where you fill your bags.

         * Great for Shows and Travel, compact and portable size is easy to take with you!

Not intended to be a feeder, they are just to fill the bags

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